AngelList ImageXciteGO is a Community Powered (TM) NextGEN marketplace
Xchange helping travelers and hotels interact directly to reach efficient prices and increased occupancy. XciteGO is a first of its kind real-time Community-Powered Marketplace (TM) Xchange, where buyers compete to bid for hotel rooms while hotels compete to offer the lowest prices.

Our stock market style Xchange combines supply- and demand-matching mechanics to deliver the most efficient prices for hotel stays.

Our competitors are acting as middlemen between hotels and travelers resulting in inefficient pricing and low occupancy rates. XciteGO provides the Xchange where travelers and hoteliers meet and interact directly in a competitive and transparent marketplace, just like the stock market.

Travelers shop the hotels and the hoteliers shop the travelers – simply put, supply meets demand.XciteGO Account Sign in-Mobile

For more, visit http://www.xcitego.com/


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NextGen Marketplace for Hotel Stays

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