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The Craziest Hotel Experiences

We’ve scoured the interwebs for all those stories you hear from friends and family of their craziest hotel experience. From the unusual, to the uncanny, here’s our favorites.

1- We’ll begin with the most recent. When Salford, England’s Amy Jones found a mysterious note in the drawer of her Edinburgh hotel room, she thought she was in the middle of a horror movie!

She followed it up with a picture of the door, captioned: ‘This is the door they are referring to. It faces my bed. Cool.’

2- Next we have a laptop camera videotaping left recording filming a hotel room cleaner rifling through a guest’s belongings. The woman does not appear to take any belongings, though  the cleaner can be seen looking through the guest’s suitcase, playing with a tablet device and even trying to access the very laptop used to film the room.

3- One hotel front desk clerk took to the Internet to discuss tales from the front desk, (anonymously of course). Reddit’s loyal fan base blasted the employee with dozens of questions about life in the front desk . Here’s a little context about the employee:

Screen Grab
Photo: Screen Grab

One commenter (themself a ‘hotel night clerk for two years in college’) admitted to charging a cash-paying guest double price while pocketing the difference!

4- There’s a blog dedicated to crazy hotel workers and their stories! It’s called Crazy Hotel Workers. The passive-aggressive mob known as the Crazy Hotel Workers is always giving useful tips on how to be a significantly-less-annoying hotel guest. Take note of some of these rants and do your part to irritate the staff less, we’ll all probably get better service.

5- Lastly, in case you missed it, a recent Reddit post drew more than 5,500 comments when someone started an online discussion asking hotel staff to reveal their secrets. Tnooz compiled 10 of the best, their #1 favorite:

“I work in a 5-star hotel located in central Hong Kong. Yes, we have to comply with any request if the guest is considered a VIP. Not sure if this is interesting to you guys but we do have contact with locals when prostitution is needed. We simply make a phone call and girls will be delivered faster than pizza. No, I ain’t sh–ting you.”


New Year’s Eve Party Cities, the Best and Worst

New Year’s Eve parties will be happening all over the USA tomorrow night, from the charmingly small and nerdy to the wildly extravagant. But where to party the night away?

fireworksWith so many cities known for their NYE extravagance, how do you choose? Well some are just better than others. In fact, recently published a survey comparing New Year’s Eve hotel rates for 30 major destinations in the USA as well as a comparison to regular rates.

The prices shown reflect the rates on December 31, 2014 for the cheapest available double room in a centrally-located hotel that is rated at least 3 stars. Regular rates reflect the price for the least expensive double room the week that follows (January 7–8, 2015). Here’s the Top 10

1. New Orleans $359 (+ 302%)           6. Nashville $284 (+ 167%)
2. Atlantic City $350 (+ 586%)            7. Denver $269 (+ 108%)
3. New York City $345 (+ 287%)        8. Las Vegas $249 (+ 117%)
4. Miami Beach $313 (+ 144%)            9. Savannah $223 (+ 153%)
5. Honolulu $284 (+ 162%)                 10. Los Angeles $209 (+ 36%)

Ok, so you can drop the Big Easy from your list…so where can you score that midnight kiss? How about Louisville, Kentucky? What about the Galt House Hotel? It boasts as the most elaborate in town, with three parties in three locations, each offering a variety of packages that range in cost from $50 per person to $375 for two.

How about San Juan, Puerto Rico? With warm temps and plenty of cocktails, San Juan is an excellent destination for winter visits and a party-hopping New Year’s. Even without the coquito—a Puerto Rican version of eggnog popular this time of year—San Juan ranks in the Top 10 for looks, style, and friendliness.

Or just around the corner from us in Atlanta, the quaint coastal city of Savannah offers a carefree New Year’s Eve, and is pedestrian-friendly as well as being just plain old friendly. There’s plenty that’s free and easy here on December 31: fireworks at Tybee Pier and a free music festival at City Market. If you’re up for it on January 1, you can also do the annual Polar Bear Plunge into the chilly Atlantic.

Wherever your NYE travel plans take you, book your hotel with XciteGO and be sure to get the best price!